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SO I haven't posted here in a really long time. What's changed since I was previously LJ active? Well, I've grown up a few years, became less obsessed with crappy emo music, more obsessed with soccer. I'm starting college soon at the University of South Florida, and I prefer tumblr over this.

I saw this and thought...

On ONTD, I saw this image.

I thought to myself, what a fun Olympic sport that would be; clubbing seals. I'd participate in it. Not really, but I think it would be funny if it was a real Olympic sport. PETA would have a heart attack and waste like a million dollars trying to stop it.

Things I want to do.

I've decided to make a list of things I want to do before I die accomplish and do in my life.  This list will change; things will be added and deleted. I will cross out things as I complete them.

Earn a Varsity Letter
          -For Soccer

Fly a plane
Go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef
Go to a concert
Live in London
Live to see my son as a mermaid
Pet a kangaroo
Pet a shark
See a narwhal
Sunbathe off the southern coast of St. Bart's with spider monkeys for two weeks, tripping on acid
Visit (at least one country in) Africa
Visit (at least one country in) Asia
Visit (at least one country in) Europe
Visit (at least one country in) Oceania
Visit (at least one country in) South America
Visit Antarctica
Watch a total Solar Eclipse (well, not watch because then I'll be blind.)
Watch a volcano erupt (from a safe distance)
Watch the final game of the World Cup in person
Become an Athletic Trainer for a Professional Men's Soccer Team
Be a WAG
plastic wrap

The Best Shows Get Cancelled.

For example:
Pushing Daisies
Freaks and Geeks
The OC
Arrested Development
and I happen to remember a very funny show on Fox called Life on a Stick.

And then stupid shows stay on, like Grey's Anatomy and Lost.
Dumb America for liking stupid shows and dumb TV companies for canceling good ones.
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Panic at the Disco, live.

I don't feel like going to bed yet, and I've been putting this off, so I figured I'd get it done.
I recently attended my very first concert. It was Panic at the Disco with special guest New Found Glory. Here is what went down.
I had a soccer banquet that I had to go to, so I didn't leave E-wood until like 6:00, which was fine because it was very cold and we would have been standing in massive lines out front if we had left any earlier. We( me, my friend Cara, and my mom) got to Germain Arena at like 7:30ish. We went inside pretty much as soon as we got there and went to find bathrooms. Cut our way through a massive merch line, found the ladies room, then we got some water and found our seats. Funny thing about the waters was that the took the lids off and didn't give us the lids. While the worker explained to my mom why, I remembered this: and explained to Cara the story and the precautions they take with this band. Anyways, we got to our seats, then checked the merch line a little bit later, found it to be signifigantly shorter, and therefore bought shirts. When we were coming back, some Naples band called Vega Under Fire was performing. They were ok. I thought it sounded like Panic at the Disco and Metro Station's baby, but in a good way. Then it was New Found Glory. I knew who they were and knew like one song. They pretty much gave me a headache. Then it was Panic! They were pretty awesome. The lead singer appeared to be drunk and/or high the entire time, but that just made it enjoyable. The dedicated a song to Benjamin Franklin and another one to Florida. Once I figure out how to successfully upload videos to youtube, I'll post the ones I took here. I was horribly far away, but I got a few decent pictures.

All of them are horrible pictures, but I had the camera zoomed as much as possible just so they wouldn't be little blobs of color.

Overall it was a good first concert experience. I can't wait until they are in FL again so I can get better seats! The End.